Tuesday, 29 April 2014

  • Vineeth Sreenivasan Goes To The US

    Actors find it easy while they film for a movie or a show as all things that are being said or done will be edited and only the best part of it will reach the audience. It is more challenging for an actor when it comes to live shows.

    A person, be it an actor or a singer, gain more confidence when they do a live show for it gives them the instant raction from the audience which rejuvinates them and keeps them encouraged to perform more well. Vineeth Sreenivasan, who is all set to go on a US tour, is all excited.

    Vineeth wrote on his Facebook page: Performing live on stage is like the biggest rejuvenation an artist can have. In 2011, i went on a stage tour to U S. It was one crazy time, probably the best on stage experience i had in my life!!

    Early morning, i am boarding my flight again for a US tour. We have got an amazing team put together this time under the scrutiny of our show director G.s. Vijayan chettan. Like in 2011, R&T Productions is bringing us back to U S. I was told that we are performing in 14 different cities. Everyone in U S, pls do come and watch our show. We have been rehearsing and preparing for this tour for quite sometime now. Hoping that everything would go well!!

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